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Best Plaits For Stunning Wedding Hair

Plaited and twisted textured wedding hair is right on trend for 2018. There are many types of plaits or braid techniques to chose from when considering your plaited bridal look. Dutch braid, fish tail, waterfall braid and a new comer that is one of my favourite techniques, The Mermaid Braid. In this blog I've put together a quick overview that will help decide which style is right for you.


Main Factors To Consider

Hair Length. A plait will reduce the length by up to 40%. This can be easily remedied however with some hair extensions or clip in hair pieces.

Hair Thickness. Pinterest and Instagram are great tools for sourcing your bridal hair inspiration. Aim to look objectively and question if the bridal looks you like are created using hair extensions and illusion accessories such as donuts or padding's. Even wigs are often used with stunning and natural effect. Discuss with your stylist, to weigh up your hair styling options.

Plait Placement. The most flattering angle you'll notice on your internet sourced images are often from the sides or with the model looking away from the camera. With this is mind consider how your style will look from all angles, the front specifically. Will you need to adjust your existing hair cut to achieve your desired results? For example, grow out a fringe or get some feathered layers to frame the face.

Your Stylist. Not all bridal hairstylists are made equal when it comes to plaited techniques. Before you book your chosen stylist make sure you've seen they're work and your happy with their ability to pull off the plaited style you desire.


Dutch Braid

Often used to attache a plait to the head. Similar to the French Braid, the Dutch braid is a plait that's created by adding in strands as you braid. But instead of crossing the new hair over, you're passing it from side to side underneath. The end result is something very versatile that can be manipulated and pulled on to thicken, loosen and add messy texture. Looks great on fashion mohawk styles and bridal styles withthe right accessories.


French Braid

More traditional than the dutch braid as the sections of hair are taken over each other to create more of flatness to the style. They look particularly pretty on flower girls as they have more of a delicate feel. I like to create them using two strands of hair much like a fish tail plait which gives them a more modern twist and enables the ability to pull at the strands to deconstruct them for thickness and messy texture as pictured above.


Fish Tail Plait

One of my favourite plait techniques. It looks very effective and is very versatile in creating bridal and event hair styles. Can be done either in dutch style (hair crossed under) or french style (hair crossed over) but instead of separating the hair into the the traditional three strands, you begin by dividing it into two sections and taking a little hair each time off each side and crossing it over onto the other side. Shown here in this stunning bridal hair created by Ulyana Aster is a number of fishtail plaits intertwined for an effortless and chic result.


Princess Braid

Made famous by princesses Elsa from Disney fairy tail classic Frozen. The princess braid has undergone a grown up make over. One of my absolute favourite looks for boho and undone bridal hair. When done correctly they have a very fresh editorial feel. Results can look straight from a real wedding magazine cover. Requiring extreme length and full hair to have that wow factor. Achievable with lengthening hair extensions or wigs. Hair vine accessories will work every time to make the hair stun!


Waterfall Braid

A nice way to wear a braid because most of the hair is still down with the hair becoming it's own pretty accessory. Can be used to create styles with a Grecian feel or a carefree and relaxed look. Great for destination beach weddings, rustic barn locations and forest outdoor weddings. The hair is plaited into a dutch braid but with each plaited strand a section of hair is dropped, leaving length and fullness. Hair extensions can be added underneath for stunning effect. perfect for bridesmaids as waterfall braids can be differentiated for creating different looks of a similar theme.

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for more plaited bridal hair inspiration

Blog feature created by Charlene Parchment. Founder and Lead Stylist for La Belles Professional Hair Services and VaVa Boom Instantly Fabulous Hair Extensions. To book or enquire about an appointment with Charlene follow the links below.

Business Enquiries:

Business Line: UK 07542184291


The images seen in this blog are sourced from google search to provide wedding hair ideas and inspire. Image credit to Ulyana Astor who is featured throughout. Her work can be found accross the internet.

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