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Best Hair Extensions For Wedding Hair

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

If your thinking about getting hair extensions for your wedding day but aren't sure of the best type for you then keep on reading. We have tried and tested the best and the worst and have the perfect all round solution for stunning wedding hair every time.



1. Do I want lots of impact OR subtle results with a naturally fuller look.

2. Do I want to add length OR volume OR both.

3. Would I prefer to remove my extensions the evening of the wedding OR would I want them in for the duration.


Michelle_ Keegan_wedding_hair_inspiration

Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in's are ready made packs of hair extensions that clip in as desired to create fullness and length to your hair style. For a full head of hair you would expect around 8 wefts of hair of around three widths to fit the nape, middle and sides of the head.


Great temporary option as can be removed the evening of the wedding.

Fairly cost effective. Available for around £50 - £150 depending on the hair type, length, and brand.

Re Usable. Ideal for when you want to add some length for special occasions.


A full pack of clip in double drawn hair extensions can weigh up to 300g. If your not used to them or have fine hair, by the end of the day you may experience discomfort.

They Can be difficult to remove by yourself. Once your stylist has gone and its just you, your new husband, and a pack of 300g hair extensions to remove #romance

From my experience as a bridal hair stylist I know first hand how difficult it can be to disguise the clips when creating delicate bridal hair styles. On average there are around 20 clips with around 8 tracks of hair to clip in and disguise seamlessly. Added to that your hair pins, hair accessories.

My preference is using one piece clip in's for bridal for this very reason.

If you have never had hair extensions before it is difficult to know what is good quality hair. They may appear lovely and shiny at first but not all extensions are equal. Poor quality hair can become matted very easily leaving you with a birds nest to contend with later on in the evening. #trueStory

There are some excellent quality synthetic hair options available with advantages of lightness, affordability, variety of curl textures and wide variety of colours. Memory hair is of the best quality synthetic hair to look out for.


Bonded Hair Extensions

There are a variety of bonded hair extension applications available. The most commonly used are U tip, V Tip, Tape In, & bonded Weft. These are basically bonded to your natural hair with a keratin glue or adhesive. Depending on the exact method used should last between 8-12 weeks. My personal favourite is tape in hair specifically skin weft as it goes in fast approx 2 hours and almost completely non detectable. Tape hair can be used to thicken up sparse areas such as the bangs with just a few precisely placed pieces.


A longer term option that can last way past the honey moon allowing the freedom to go swimming, sunbathing and all those wonderful things without worry about your hair extensions falling out #eek

There are some stunning bonded hair extensions options available for natural ombre looks, body wave curls which already have a curl set within the hair. Giving instant every day glamour without needing to curl style your hair extensions every day.

They look stunning with hair down bridal looks and can really transform your bridal hair from average to jaw dropping and stunning.

Adding support to your curls if the hair is prone to lose its curl easily. My advice for brides with hair that can be described as difficult to curl is to consider hair extensions with a deep wave. To achieve iconic looks such as Michelle Keegans wedding hair.


Some application methods can be pricey with prices ranging for a full head of V Tip bonded hair extensions from £300-£1500 depending on your location, stylist and hair grade you choose.

Bonded hair is very rarely re usable. As a hair extensions technician offering bonded hair extensions, it takes an awfully long time to remove and re bond hair extensions. It is fiddly and messy and the hair is never quite the same. I recommend buying a good quality hair either synthetic memory hair or human remy hair, that is guaranteed to last for the 12 weeks if you are opting for bonded. Tape in hair is of the easiest to re use but still a very fiddly and time consuming process.

Bonded hair is reported to cause damage to the hair if re installed consecutively and not cared for meticulously.

If you have fragile, or extremely fine hair, I would not recommend bonded hair extensions. Seek advice from your stylist if you are considering this method.

Nano Rings Vs Micro Rings

The main difference is the size of the ring. Nano rings being the latest in this type of technology and are very tiny, the most delicate of the two methods. They both have pros and cons but when used for wedding hair styling I would say the main challenge is disguising the rings. Price also plays a role as the hair itself can be expensive. They take approx 4 hours to install, Some stylists maybe quicker but I personally have never been able to beat my record. They can also be uncomfortable and quite heavy on the head. If you can imagine 200-300 little metal beads attached to your hair added to that the hair they're attaching. If your new to hair extensions it would be beneficial to get fitted at least two weeks prior to the wedding to allow time for adjusting to your new hair care routine.

On the plus side the hair is re usable as your stylist simply needs to re adjust the ring to do a refit so its worth investing in your hair as you'll be able to re use and save on cost long term. The nano rings especially are very delicate and disappear a lot more seamlessly. However more are required as less hair is used per ring. This generally means a higher cost for the hair and a higher cost for the stylists time.

Hair Volumisers Or Hair toppers

Until recently hair toppers have been used to disguise hair loss, but with massive advances in technology within the hair extensions industry we are seeing them used more and more in event hair styling. They add just a little volume and length precisely where you need it, clipping in and out very easily with just a few clips wthinn a one piece system. If you look closely at celebrity weddings or award ceremonies with an objective eye, all the celebs are wearing clip in hair volumisers. Balmain have been one of the top industry leaders with their runway hair collection which offers a selection of various pieces for bhive height or clip in pony tails but others are fast jumping on the trend as the Kardashians and Jenners show us that wigs are the way forward for instantly changing your hair length style and colour without the the commitment.

The beauty of volumising hair topper extensions when used to create bridal hair specifically is that they give your style volume right at the crown. The base to any bridal or special event hair up always begin with backcombed height to the crown. As a stylist I achieve this in a number of ways, using curl sets, back combing, hair sprays and thickening powders. With a clip in volumiser the need for those processes are removed, to that the bonus of thicker fuller hair, just enough to give your bridal look that finesse and elegance. They wont go flat later into the reception, also give support for pinning in veils, tikkas, and other hair accessories.


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