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Do You Need Botox Or Filler

A controversial issue perhaps but do we need to stay looking younger to stay at the top of our A game?

Often the cynics who have no real clue unless I fess up that I'm a dedicated fan of the magic wand of frown freeze, always respond with shock face, sometimes followed by horror face!!

"Oh but you don't need it"

Let me start off by saying that botox isn't something that any of us need. The world wont end if we have a wrinkle or two. Botox is more of a want.

I want to look my best

I want to look in the mirror and like what i see

I want to stay looking as young as i feel

I want my lips to look sexy and luscious

As a women in her mid thirties working in the beauty industry, I personally believe it helps, as does the multi-million pound British beauty and aesthetics industry. Women and men world wide may be cursing the screens as they read but after much thought and testing I've concluded that if looking at your best and your appearance is important to you then botox and fillers along with some other genius non surgical anti aging techniques are options you should definitely be considering.

You may argue that you can do this naturally with a healthy lifestyle and plenty of sleep, and yes this is of course true to an extent, but no amount of clean eating will prevent that permanent frown line or look of tiredness or even worse that sad look your ever truthful mother continuously says you have.

There is absolutely no shame in accepting that you want to look fresh faced, you don't want to look like your sad or tired in fact you want to relish in those magic words when asked your age and you respond with honesty.

"WOW I would never have guessed you to be that age at least 5 years younger "

So grab yourself a coconut water and spiralina breakfast smoothie followed up by a swift HIIT workout. Apply your very expensive vit c and hyaluronic acid rich moisturiser with sun protector of course, slip on those killer heels and be gone to your 8am business meeting.

I believe that confidence comes in many forms. When i look in the mirror and know i look my best. I feel confident, I can move mountains, I am a force to reckoned with. and like a fine wine I get better and yes more expensive to maintain with age.

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Disclaimer: This blog is based purely on my opinion and does not affect the opinion or rights of others. Images provided by Google search

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